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DS Lite, Ideal for Christmas 2008

The Nintendo DS Lite Console, The Perfect Christmas Gift!

The Nintendo DS Lite is a portable gaming console that kids and
adults adore.

It's light, pocket sized and great fun to use, so if you want your present
to be the best this Christmas don't hestitate, choose the DS Lite and relax!

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DS Lite Console - Features

  • Dual Screens: use the extra screen to view maps or see racing action from two perspectives at once

  • Navigate menus by touching the screen with stylus or fingertip

  • A durable film covers the touchscreen protecting it from scratches and scrapes

  • Advanced 3D graphics and 16-channel audio, for an excellent audio and visual experience

  • PictoChat feature means you can write messages and send them to friends wirelessly

  • An in-built Microphone allows for voice control of games, or for chat with other DS players

  • Pocket-sized, much smaller than the original Nintendo DS

  • Much lighter than the original DS

  • 4 brightness levels available depending on the conditions

  • Stylus is now 1cm longer and 1mm thicker, much easier to use

  • Repositioned start and select buttons

  • The Nintendo DS Lite Console is also available in pink black silver turquoise red green white crimson metallic rose cobalt

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About the DS Lite Console

The Nintendo DS Lite Console is a smaller, pocket sized version of the original Nintendo DS, the DS Lite uses both dual screen action controlled by Touch Screen interaction. The DS Lite also enables wireless communication, allowing multiplayer gaming, or you can use the console's PictoChat software to send messages and drawings. The Nintendo DS Lite comes in a range of colours including white, pink, silver, green, turquoise, black and red and is available from many retailers including John Lewis, Amazon, Tesco, Comet, Argos, Dixons, PC World and Woolworths.


The two super-sharp, backlit DS Lite LCD screens, provide a brand new approach to gaming. Each 3-inch screen can produce 3D graphics, as a result the DS Lite Console can now produce more advanced visuals than the Nintendo 64. You can adjust the screens' brightness in four different levels to suit different lighting conditions.

Two screens means that one can be used to show the main action, while the other might be used as a map or secondary viewpoint. Alternatively both screens can be used at the same time to depict huge characters.


The lower screen on the DS Lite provides touch screen usability.

You can write on the screen using the DS stylus that's included with every system. Draw and send pictures with PictoChat, control the on-screen action with, or navigate menus smoothly by just touching the screen.

The stylus is stored in the side of the unit, while the Touch Screen features a tough film cover for extra durability.


The DS Lite also includes a digital +Control Pad and 8 action buttons, providing for every kind of play style.

These +Control Pad and buttons have been redesigned on the DS LITE Console to be even more responsive and comfortable to use.


The DS Lite's wireless technology allows for up to 16 gamers to connect with each other when they are between 30 and 100 feet of eachother.

Some games require each player to own a copy of a game in order to take part in multiplayer sessions (i.e. Multi-Card Play), however there are quite a few games which allow Single-Card Play. So only one player actually needs to own a copy of the game, while up to 15 others (depending on the software) can use the Nintendo DS Lite Console's Download Play feature to participate, or even download a demo version of the game.

The Nintendo DS Lite can also communicate with the Wii console through its wireless technology.


Built-in stereo speakers provide great sound quality for the DS Lite Console (with even surround sound available in certain games) together with the obligatory headphone socket for private play. The powerful speakers will immerse you in a world of vibrant sound effects and atmospheric music.


The DS Lite has two separate ports, one allows for DS Game Cards and the other means you can still use your old Game Boy Advance Game Paks.
The GBA's entire back catalogue of games can be used on the DS LIte Console, providing you with access to hundreds of titles (single player mode only).


The rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and recharger is very powerful and included with each Nintendo DS Lite. There is no need for extra battery packs as the one that is included allows for up to 19 hours of play on a single recharge, depending on the brightness setting used. The Nintendo DS Lite Console requires just 3 hours in order to be recharged to full capacity, which is one hour less than Nintendo DS.

The console also includes functions such as a clock, calendar and alarm, and you can personalise other details like the colour of the background screen, your birthday and your nickname.

Well Over 15 million DS Lite Consoles have now been sold. It is fully compatible with all existing Nintendo DS (and Game Boy Advance) games yet it’s small, sleek and light design makes it easier for anyone to game than ever before.

One of the most impressive features of the DS Lite is the new backlit screens which offer the sharpest image ever seen on a portable console and reduces eye strain considerably. The DS Lite is available in many different colours including: Pink, white, black, silver, green and turquoise.

Another feature of DS Lite is the four brightness settings allowing you to adjust according to the lighting conditions and save battery life if playing in good light.

To read more about the DS Lite's technical details (size, weight, specification etc), please visit the Official Nintendo UK Site, which you can find here.

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